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This Product Includes A Shisha, Ready Made Flavour Bowl (Chillum), Two Magic Coals, Tongs, Mouth tips (Filters)
All this will be delivered at your doorstep. The price is inclusive of delivery and pick up.
This product will be delivered by us & will be picked us only after the usage. We recommend buying extra flavour bowls along with this. Everything is totally on rent purpose.

Time Limit :- 3 Hours

Know Our Flavours :
Teen Paan Rose : Most loved that has dense smoke, three types of Paan flavours mingled with Rose.

Grape Mint : Grape known for its longevity  and consistent smoke punched with Mint.

Kiwi Spring-Water : Nothing tastes better when a fruit like Kiwi is unites with nature’s flavour Spring Water.

Elaichi Mint : Considered our signature flavour, Cardamom powder bumped in a mash of Mint.

Kiwi Mint : Blunt Kiwi Mixed with one of the oldest  flavour Mint, Considered lightest flavour you could ever try.

Teen Paan : Three varieties of Paan mixed together to make this one minty and smokiest flavour.

Gum Supari : Desi refreshing Supari mingled with Sweet Gum.

Orange Paan Rasna : What if the Orange is more Orange with Paan Mint combined. Try This to experience Tangy Cool
Orange Paan Rasna.

BrainFreezer : Its not what it sounds like, One of its kind known for Distinct flavour and rational smoke.

Blueberry Mint : Tarty Blueberry lumped with Mint. Super smoky & Lasts longer.

Kiwi Paan Rana : Kiwi goes well everything being a dominating one in the mix, Yet again when kneaded with Tangy Paan it shows perfection.

Grape Paan Rasna : Grape crossed with little bit of Paan, More of Grape less of Paan makes your flavour lasts long.
Vanilla Paan Rasna : When a plain flavour like Vanilla fused with Rasna & Paan, Its surely worth a try. Order Now !

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Blueberry Mint, Brainfreezer, Elaichi Mint, Grape Mint, Grape Paan Rasna, Gum Supari, Kiwi Mint, Kiwi Paan Rasna, Kiwi Spring Water, Orange Mint, Orange Paan Rasna, Teen Paan, Teen Paan Rose, Vanilla Paan Rasna


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