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Know Our Party Packages

  • Package Petite
    This package includes minimum 5 normal size MYA branded bases with unlimited flavour change and infinite coal changes along with ONE service boy.
    The Package Cost is Rs 1000.00 Per Base.
    The Package Duration is 5 Hours.
  • Package Rainbow
    This package includes minimum 7 to 10  normal size MYA branded bases with unlimited flavour change and infinite coal changes along with TWO service boy.
    The Package Cost is Rs 900.00 Per base.
    The Package Duration is 5 Hours.
  • Package Hulk 
    This package includes minimum 10 to 20  normal size MYA branded bases with unlimited flavour change and infinite coal changes along with THREE service boy.
    The Package Cost is Rs 800.00 Per base.
    The Package Duration is 5 Hours.


  • Venues outside service area like Vedic Village, Raichak Etc will attract additional transport charges.
  •  You can add onn our Premium Bases in any of the package which will include extra charges.
  • You can ask for more Service Boys to ensure prompt service to your guest which will be charged Rs 1000 Per Service boys.
  • You can add onn extra hours to any of your Packages, Each extra hour will cost you additional Rs 200 Per Base.
  • You can even add onn Flavours apart from our Menu, Cost of which will depend on flavours.
  • There is no package below 5 bases.
  • Any Package order will be taken atleast 7 Hours before the party.
  • Any order above 20 bases should contact us at 9836912342 for better rates and substantial deal.

Serviceable Areas

  • Alipore
  • Ballygunje
  • Garden Reach
  • Tollygunje
  • New Alipore
  • Bhawanipore
  • Southern Avenue
  • Gariahat
  • Taratala
  • Kankurgachi
  • Phool Bagan
  • Jadavpur
  • Gol Park
  • Park Circus
  • Park Street
  • Maidan
  • Shakespeare Sarani
  • Camac Street
  • Netaji Bhawan
  • Hazra
  • Kalighat
  • Golf Green
  • Lake Gardens
  • Lansdowne
  • Behala
  • Kasba
  • Salt Lake Sector 1
  • Salt Lake Sector 2
  • Salt Lake Sector 3
  • Salt Lake Sector 4
  • Salt Lake Sector 5
  • Howrah
  • Howrah A.C Market
  • Howrah Railway Station
  • Liluah
  • Howrah Hat

Know Our Flavours

  • Teen Paan Rose : Most loved that has dense smoke, three types of Paan flavours mingled with Rose.
  • Grape Mint : Grape known for its longevity  and consistent smoke punched with Mint.
  • Kiwi Spring-Water : Nothing tastes better when a fruit like Kiwi is unites with nature’s flavour Spring Water.
  • Elaichi Mint : Considered our signature flavour, Cardamom powder bumped in a mash of Mint.
  • Kiwi Mint : Blunt Kiwi Mixed with one of the oldest  flavour Mint, Considered lightest flavour you could ever try.
  • Teen Paan : Three varieties of Paan mixed together to make this one minty and smokiest flavour.
  • Gum Supari : Desi refreshing Supari mingled with Sweet Gum.
  • Orange Paan Rasna : What if the Orange is more Orange with Paan Mint combined. Try This to experience Tangy Cool Orange Paan Rasna.
  • BrainFreezer : Its not what it sounds like, One of its kind known for Distinct flavour and rational smoke.
  • Blueberry Mint : Tarty Blueberry lumped with Mint. Super smoky & Lasts longer.
  • Kiwi Paan Rasna : Kiwi goes well everything being a dominating one in the mix, Yet again when kneaded with Tangy Paan it shows perfection.
  • Grape Paan Rasna : Grape crossed with little bit of Paan, More of Grape less of Paan makes your flavour lasts long.
  • Vanilla Paan Rasna : When a plain flavour like Vanilla fused with Rasna & Paan, Its surely worth a try. Order Now !

Home Delivery of Hookah/Shisha on rent all over Kolkata

If you are having a house party and just want to have hookah that is missing to get your party going, just call Book My Smoke and get the party rolling with hookah on rent Kolkata. When it comes to home delivery of Hookah in Kolkata, Book My Smoke gives the best experience to its customers. Booking with us is as easy as getting a pizza home delivered and you do not need to worry about the charcoal, flavors or anything else. All you need to do is pick up your phone and book. Book my smoke takes care of everything else. Whether you need full hookah setup or just pre made chillums, we can provide you with all.

With hookah home delivery Kolkata, you can just sit and relax and get the perfect time with your friends and family. We have experts who know the art of making smooth Shisha very well and can give you the flavors you desire. There are many reasons why Book My Smoke is the best when it comes to hookah home delivery Kolkata.

Why Order Hookah Online in Kolkata with Book My Smoke?

  • Specialized Hookah Makers: The staff has great knowledge of flavors, charcoal and everything else that is required to make best hookah. You get the perfect and smooth smoke when you book your smoke with Book My Smoke.
  • Affordable prices: Unlike others who are just running after profits, we aim to offer you superior quality hookah service in Kolkata at best prices. We know the price of hookah prevailing in the market and aim to offer best and competitive prices for home delivery of hookah in Kolkata.
  • Catering services: We are one of the biggest hookah suppliers in Kolkata. Whether you need hookah for house parties or big events we can supply hookah as per your convenience anywhere in Kolkata. We also have catering services available. We have many hookah and shisha available to make your party awesome in Kolkata. We have all the professional equipment needed to get your party started and get you best experience of hookah. Just give us a call and you can leave the rest on us.
  • Many flavors: Water melon, Pan, Gum, Supari or Green Apple, you demand we provide. We have the most exquisite range of flavors from different places even which are not easily available in Kolkata.
  • Service to all locations: We offer our hookah on rent services to all around Kolkata. Whether you reside in the South, or are throwing a party in the North, we are there to give you your smoke round the clock.
  • Night delivery available: When it comes to shisha on rent Kolkata, we are the only ones offering night service. This means that you can get your smoke whenever you want and wherever you want.
  • Packages available: We have different affordable hookah packages available depending on the scale of your party. Whether it is your kitty party or wedding reception, we can serve you best hookah at most affordable prices.

Whether you need hookah on rent in Newtown, Salt Lake, Ballygunje, Tollygunje, Bhawanipur or somewhere in North Kolkata or South Kolkata, we are one of the biggest hookah suppliers in Kolkata and can provide you Hookah or Shisha on rent anywhere in Kolkata.

So, do not worry if you want to have a puff and do not want to step out of your house on a lazy Sunday afternoon or you are having a house party any day of the week. We at Book your smoke has got you covered. We provide Shisha home delivery services in Kolkata at all times. Your need is our command, give us a chance to serve you and make your experience of hookah fantastic. All you need to do is give us a call and our staff will arrive with your hookah at your door. Call 9015277744 now.

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